Lunch and Learn: Parenting the Positive Discipline Way Workshop 

Sundays 12 pm - 3 pm

*Only 20 Slots available 

Many parenting classes are structured around guilt rather than awareness. Here we acknowledge there is no such thing as a perfect parent and respect parents making the first step towards change. In these 8 workshops be prepared to learn:

  • how to connect with your child before attempting to correct them

  • how to not make yelling your go-to discipline strategy

  • how to end the power struggle between you and your child

Join us in this workshop where you can interact with other parents and brainstorm. As long as you dedicate the time, effort and keep an open mind this workshop has a money-back guarantee.

I am that confident in Parenting the Positive Discipline Way.

Workshops fill up quickly both in-person and online.

Workshop Agenda:

Week One: The Challenges of Parenting Teens
-Normal Teen Behavior and Teen Tasks
-Draw a Teen
-The Three Lists
-What's Your Parenting Style?


Week Two: Parenting Styles
-Dependency Dyad
-Mischief Shuffle and Alternatives to the Mischief Shuffle
-Parenting Style
-Mistakes as Wonderful Opportunities to Learn
-Curiosity Questions for Teens
-Discussion: Wrong vs. Right Questions


Week Three: Know Yourself, Know Your Teen
-Top Card
- Birth Order: Play of Life
-Childhood Memory
-Healing the Teen Within
-Teen Mistaken-Goal Chart


Week Four: How to Motivate Teens Using Encouraging Communication
-The Hairball of Depression
-Encouragement: The Language of Love
-Effective Communication Activity & Tips for Communicating with Teens
-The “You Feel” process
-The “I Feel “ process


Week Five: Problem-Solving with Teens
-Joint Problem-Solving Steps With Teens
-Family Meeting
-Follow Through with Teens
-Teens and Chores
-Spending Special Time With Teens


Week Six: Letting Go
-Parents Brainstorm a List of What They Do for Teens That Teens Can Do by Themselves
-Three Circles of Enabling + Empowering
-Empowering vs. Enabling
-Letting Go With Teens
-Yes, You Are Really Doing Something
 -Long-Range Parenting
-There Is More Than One Way
-Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


Week Seven: Scary Behaviors, Take Care of Yourselves
-Drug Use and Abuse
-When You Have a Problem With Your Teen’s Friends
-Dealing With the Scary Things
-Teens and Sex
-Continuum of Change
-Ball of Yarn


Week Eight: Parents Helping Parents Problem Solve
- Open Agenda
- You're not the worst mom


Materials: (INCLUDED in the Class!)

-Positive Discipline Book by Jane Nelsen, Ed. D

-Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards

-Positive Discipline Workbook

*$46.95 Value

(All Materials will be shipped prior to the class meeting.)

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Positive Discipline in The Classroom Professional Development 

Classroom management can be a challenge for veteran teachers as well as newbies.  Behavior management is key in any classroom, as are positive interactions between teachers and students.

The general overview of this is for teachers and administrators who want a practical discipline approach that

  • integrates social and emotional learning

  • reducing challenging student behaviors

  • improves overall academic achievement

  • builds emotionally and academically confident student


6 Professional Development Workshops (90min each)

Materials: Package Price: *$46.95 per teacher

-Positive Discipline A Teacher's A-Z Guide

-Teacher Tool Cards

Positive Discipline in the Classroom Book (Revised 4th Edition)

email: connectedcorrections@gmail.com for inquiries.